Studio de Création Méïzou

Marine, créatrice du studio de design Méïzou


Méïzou is a French design studio founded by Marine Franiatte. Marine's distinctive style, coupled with her knowledge of child development, has helped her create unique designs & illustrations for the toy industry. While making each project unique and different, her love for detailed craftsmanship and nature shines through in all of her work.

Marine also offers her expertise as an artistic director on brand strategy with a sustainable approach.

After more than 14 years in the industry, Marine has made it a point of honor to surround herself with a solid network of talented professionals who work alongside her on most of her projects.

Logo Studio Méïzou

What does Meizou mean?

The founder of Méïzou was born and raised in the green heart of France. The word Méïzou comes from Occitan, spoken in the past. Its literal translation would be "home", but it also conveys a feeling of comfort, belonging and conviviality. What makes us feel “at home”.

The Méïzou logo is composed of a typically French and familiar bird, the titmouse, comfortably nestled in its nest.

Processus de création Studio Méïzou

Creation process

When discussing her creative process, Marine says, "I love creating objects that we want to surround ourselves with because they are comforting and bring us joy. Long-lasting objects that can grow alongside us, and when we we separate from it, we keep a special and fond memory of it."

At Méïzou we believe that carefully selecting materials, colors and features makes it possible to create trendy and smart toys and better childcare products. Working through every step of the design process alongside the customer ensures that together we create a product that is perfectly on-brand and appealing to your customers.

They believe in us

Although Méïzou is based in France, our customers come from all over the world!

Get an idea of ​​our work and take a look at our different projects, from toy design to branding and illustration!

Clients Studio Méïzou
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