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About Atelier Méïzou

Atelier Méïzou is a factory of caring objects. The everyday things that arise from an alchemy between fauna, flora, and the passion of designer Marine Franiatte. It is in a charming natural setting in the beautiful region of the Cévennes, in France, that the solid wood is engraved and assembled to create Marine's original designs .
Atelie méïzou accessoires

Our values - caring accessories

Necklaces, pins, mini pins... The common point of all the accessories handcrafted at Atelier Méïzou is to provide comfort and motivation on a daily basis. It is through kind messages and adorably sweet illustrations that the designer wishes to brighten everyone's day.
Atelier Méïzou Don't Worry
Tenderness is associated with humor in each of the pieces, carefully thought out to accompany their owner with delicacy and consideration.

Méïzou accessories are for all those who need a little help to regain their strength, a little smile to face everyday life. Comforting, comfortable and light objects, to feel at home wherever you go. Moreover, “Méïzou” means house, home in Occitan dialect...
Atelier Méïzou Safe Place
Create a link, bring warmth and kindness, sharing and gentleness; these are the values ​​that reign every day at Atelier Méïzou.

It is the love of details and wood craftsmanship that guided the choice to leave the noble materials visible. It's wonderful to see the wood live and acquire a patina over time. Méïzou accessories evolve away from fast fashion pieces that tarnish and deteriorate with age. On the contrary, all the magic of the pieces unfolds as time interacts with them.

Méizou accessories and respect for the environment

The woods used for the pieces are all of French or European origin, very often coming from as far away as neighboring Germany. The products are made entirely in the Cévennes, in a very small workshop aware of its carbon footprint. The materials used are ecological and the packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable. All the accessories are also vegan friendly, both in their manufacture and in the themes addressed in the illustrations.

Atelier Méïzou fabriqué dans les Cévennes