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About Méïzou

Méïzou is a french design studio, founded by Marine Franiatte.
Marine’s distinctive style and deep knowledge of child development help her create unique designs and illustrations for the toy industry.

Her love for detailed craftsmanship and nature is evidenced throughout all of her projects.

At Méïzou we believe that carefully selecting materials, colours and features make for smart trendy toy designs and better infantcare products.

Marine also offers her expertise as an artistic director on brand strategy with a sustainable approach.

After more than 10 years in the industry, Marine has made a point to surround herself with a solid network of talented professionals that work alongside her on most of her projects.

Méïzou is an design agency built on the solid base of experienced & skillful creatives such as translators, Digital Marketing & SEO experts as well content writers.

What Does Méïzou means ?

Méïzou’s founder, Marine, was born and raised in beautiful Auvergne, a region nestled in the green heart of France : the Massif Central. The word Méïzou comes from an old local patois that used to be spoken there. Its literal translation would be “house” but it also conveys a sense of comfort, belonging and coziness. Of what makes us feel “at home”.

Méïzou’s logo is made of a typically French and familiar bird, the “mésange”, comfortably tucked in its nest.
When talking about her creative process Marine says “I love to create objects that we want to surround ourselves with because they feel comforting and bring us joy. Long lasting objects that can grow alongside us, and that if and when we outgrow them we keep a special and fond memory of.”

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